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5 Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas

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Although you don’t have to compromise creativity or individuality, cheap wedding cakes don’t necessitate it. You may be able to create a gorgeous, elegant, and personal wedding cake on a budget. It is true that we all have a certain amount of money available to us at any given moment. However, this does not imply that you can afford the average cost of a wedding cake (1) of $1.50 per slice and $543 for the complete wedding cake).

Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas

Cupcake Wedding Cake

A cupcake wedding cake is one that you buy by the dozen. If you have 100 guests at your wedding, 9 dozens will be required for people who consume more than one cupcake. Let’s say the cost of each wedding cupcake is $25. So, for a total price of $225, you can have 108 cupcakes with all sorts of flavours of cake, frosting, and fillings. In addition, consider how many different tastes you may achieve with 108 cupcakes when making your sheet cake at Costco.

Sheet Wedding cakes

A full-size sheet cake can feed about 108 people. A full-size sheet cake at your local grocery store or warehouse discount store costs around $50. A 100-tiered cake would be a three-tier cake combined. Assuming the calculation above, your professional wedding cake would cost at least $150 for 100 people. But let’s face it; depending on what you desire most, skilled wedding cake bakers may charge more than $1.50 per slice to create and frost a three-tier confection.

Consider What Costs the Most in Your Industry

Consider what costs the most in the wedding cake business. It’s first and foremost time. Do not add any extra flowers or decorative elements to the cake. Keep it basic; use only a ribbon of colour around the cake. Next, do not include any fillings, as they require additional time and money for each filling. Finally, just plan one size for each number of anticipated guests.

Home-Made Pies

Pies may be baked from scratch or purchased frozen. You can make and decorate the pies yourself, just as you would with cupcakes. All types of pie fillings are available, including apple, cherry, rhubarb, pumpkin, and many more. If you’re on a budget but still want to serve dessert at your wedding, fruit pies that are in season at the time of your wedding will save you money. Pies complement any country-themed celebration or rustic wedding theme.

There Is No Cake at All

Some of the most creative and unique wedding cake ideas do not even include a wedding cake. Consider having your own dessert bar for under $1.50 per serving. Outside the box, with the following: doughnut spread, homemade cookies, root beer floats, vintage or new sweets in vases, and popcorn buckets. Make your own desserts according to your interests.