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Ideas on How to Organize Your Wedding Inspiration

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Ideas on How to Organize Your Wedding Inspiration

There are a variety of vendors who will collaborate to make your wedding day the amazing event you’ve imagined, and one of the greatest methods to express your vision to everyone involved is by providing thorough photographs and context as to what you enjoy. However, any vendor will tell you that there’s a limit to how much imagery you should have. While editing down the photos to remove the clutter is an important step in your decision-making process, it will ultimately save you time during meetings with vendors. Organizing your ideas in a way that makes sense to you will help you go back and find information as needed. You may also use this approach to reference ideas throughout the wedding planning process. Here are some helpful hints for keeping track of your wedding inspiration.

How to Make the Most of Pinterest as a Design Tool

Pinterest is the greatest site to use if you want to collect ideas and build mood boards. You may save your thoughts private or collaborate with your vendors or friends. Consider making a few boards by topic rather than maintaining a wedding board with all of your ideas on it, since this will make them easier to find when preparing for meetings. For example, the following categories would come in handy: bridal style (wedding dresses, hair and makeup, accessories), groom style (attire, hair, accoutrements), wedding party dress code (attire, gifts), floral design (bouquets, tabletop decoration), paper goods (invitations, calligraphy, signage), guest experience (welcome bags, logistics), ambience (furniture and lighting)

You can choose to have your vendors on your boards as a collaborator if you’ve spoken with them about how they’d like to see your design concepts. If you take this path, it’s a good idea to make notes on your pins and sign them so that your vendor knows what you appreciate about the image. In this instance, you’ll still want to bring your strongest pictures to meetings and talk about photos that help communicate your aesthetic.

Pinterest is an excellent method to collect thoughts in a variety of situations since it has apps for various platforms. Take, for example, if you’re flipping through a print magazine and see an image you’d want to save. Make a short video recording of the picture and upload it to your Pinterest account as a reference. This way, rather than collecting stacks of physical photos together with the digital ones, you’ll just have one pile.

Save your documents to a file-sharing service.

If you like to keep your photos to a minimum, capturing screenshots and downloading pictures might be the most effective technique for you to keep track of your favourite picks. If you take this path, file management may become more difficult, but using a file-sharing software or cloud storage service makes it simple to communicate these ideas with friends and manufacturers when required. Consider naming each file you save with a title that reflects the inspiration category to save yourself a lot of time looking for them. If you discover that you’ve amassed far more photographs than you intended, break them down into categories.

Before going to any design meetings, collect your best photos.

To save time and keep your meetings on track, only show your top photos to your providers. You may either clean up your inspiration boards before meeting with your designer or planner to remove pictures that no longer appeal to you, or you can transfer the greatest images from each category to a mood board or separate file for sharing. Sharing just three to five items from each category allows you to avoid sending confusing messages and disjointed ideas. All of the photographs, whether they’re printed or digital, can be kept for future reference just in case you need them—there’s nothing more aggravating than having to go online and search for a picture that you know exists somewhere!