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Is the Naked Wedding Cake Look Worth It?

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Naked wedding cakes may be used to complement both rustic and industrial wedding sites or themes. Are you getting ready to make your selection for the wedding cake? There are so many alternatives that it’s difficult to decide which one is best for you. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about whether a naked wedding cake is appropriate for you.

You’ll learn what the most popular naked cake designs are, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. You’ll also find out how much wedding cake you really need.

Let’s Get To It!

Is the naked wedding cake really as magnificent as everyone says?

We believe so. This adaptable cake concept uses little icing on the outside of the cake, allowing its beautiful layers to peek through. It also allows you to add a unique twist to the traditional wedding cake.

Is a bare wedding cake the right option for you? Depending on your personal preferences, various elements may be viewed as benefits or drawbacks.

Naked wedding cakes are:

  1. Rustic and industrial wedding themes or locations go well with each other.
  2. It may be customized to fit the style of your occasion.
  3. You may keep your cake stationary if you’re having an outdoor wedding in the summer (no sweating!).
  4. They are often more cost-effective because they usually have fewer decorations.

There are a few more things to think about. Because there is no icing on the outside to retain the cake’s moisture, an unfrosted wedding cake can become dry. These cakes are also less sweet because of the lack of icing.

Instead of a classic buttercream wedding cake, try the following naked wedding cake ideas!


Succulents are also plants! All Things Wedding Utah created this cake using succulents instead of flowers. This is ideal for a couple that doesn’t want to use flowers or have a wedding ceremony in the desert.

Frosting of Fresh Flowers

Bethel Bakery’s stunning wedding cake takes the couple’s flowers to a whole new level. The cake is almost entirely covered in fresh flowers!

Untraditional Color

With this bright, colourful naked wedding cake design, you’ll be able to toss tradition out the window. A creative cake with flowers and a simple but beautiful pop of colour was created by Whipped Bake Shop.

Rustic Celebration

When most people think of a naked wedding cake, they picture a rustic one. While there are many other ways to decorate your cake, you can never go wrong with a classic rustic cake! Sammy Cakes created an attractive rustic design using basic twine.


Stencilling isn’t limited to walls. You can make anything from nudes appear interesting with icing! Meg baked this cake using this stencilling technique, which adds texture to the couple’s bare surfaces.

How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s get down to business. How much does a wedding cake really cost, and is a naked wedding cake really going to save you money? To figure that out, consider three factors.

1.) What is the maximum amount you are ready to spend? According to The Knot, couples in the United States spent an average of $500 on wedding cakes in 2019. You may use this figure as a baseline, but the real cost of your wedding cake is determined by the bakery.

The most essential thing to consider is this: how important is a wedding cake to you? You may want to budget more if a spectacular cake is key for you. If the cake isn’t on the top of your list, go for something less costly.

2.) How much wedding cake do you require? According to Martha Stewart, get enough cake for 77-85 per cent of your guests. You should also think about the slice size. Cake slices vary in size depending on who is making them.

Chances are, the majority of your guests won’t want a huge slice of cake anyhow, so serve them half-portions instead. This way, you’ll only need a cake that serves half of your total guest count!

3.) What kind of cake do you want? Cake flavours that are simple, such as chocolate or vanilla, are less expensive, while fresh berries, red velvet, or any cake with ganache filling are more costly. Some bakeries may charge the whole cake depending on the most expensive flavour if you want each layer to have a different taste.