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Tips for a Low-Key, Relaxed Wedding That Is Still Visually Appealing

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Busy might be enjoyable, but there are several important advantages to keeping things low-key. This is something we’ve discovered by doing over the last year (anyone else loving not rushing out the door as much?) Many individuals are reconsidering how they plan to spend their limited time, and when it comes to hosting weddings, this is likewise true. Some brides and grooms are choosing to take a step back from the high-stress, high-effort style of wedding and instead opting for a more laid-back atmosphere. “Low Key Weddings” is a popular search term on Pinterest, so we’ve compiled some of our best low-key wedding ideas for you.

Select a Low-Key Venue

Consider locations that are close to your heart and those shared by your future spouse. Parks, beaches, pubs, and restaurants are all excellent choices. Consider looking up and seeing the city you adore from above.

Provide a Relaxed Dress Code

Phew! What a relief. Also, how amazing is this? When they see the dress code for your wedding on your invitation, your guests will grin and exhale. There are several methods to keep things casual without using the phrase “black tie optional.” Instead of saying “black tie optional,” consider using the term “ties optional.” “Smart casual” and “sassy casual” are also excellent alternatives. Alternatively, go more casual and say things like “casual clothing,” but provide at least one example to illustrate the point. Is it OK for ladies to wear jeans? Flip-flops are adorable. Some guests may still be wary about wearing a casual outfit, so be sure to alleviate concerns by providing facts.

Make a Cocktail for the Pre-ceremony Some Guests Can Bring Into the Ceremony

With a drink in hand, you’ll be ready for anything. Encouraging your guests to enjoy a toast before and during your wedding ceremony suggests that your marriage will be calm and relaxing.

Soft Seating Assists Guests in Relaxing Easily

When you’re preparing your ceremony, why not provide a few extremely comfy alternatives for guests to sit in? We typically consider wedding ceremonies to include rows of chairs, but a few recliner chairs, upholstered sofas, or even love seats can tell guests that they don’t have to be rigid and uncomfortable during the ceremony. Comfortable blankets draping over chairs may also encourage people to relax and enjoy themselves.

Small is the New Big

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a big wedding, but we’ll tell you that restricting the number of guests might help everyone relax and enjoy themselves more. You may spend a bit more money on personalizing your reception with soft seating, dim lighting, floral centrepieces, and table settings with fewer people. All things that make people feel welcome and comfortable.

Make a Bar Cart Appear

A bar cart with bespoke cocktails that may be served either before or after dinner is a fun method to bring drinks to people where they are most active. It also reduces the number of individuals waiting in line at the bar, which is anything but low-key.

Interactive Activities Are Hot

A great method for guests to interact and have fun with one another is to engage in an activity together. We’ve seen a cocktail-making demonstration, yard games such as croquet, and even an artisanship craft station that people seem to enjoy.

Bring on the Comfort Food

Consider how you prefer to spend a low-key night at home. Takeout from your favourite restaurant? Comfort foods like tacos and empanadas, pulled pork sandwiches, shrimp skewers, or family-style pasta dishes will instantly put guests at ease. Mini popcorn bags, French fry cones, and tiny ice cream sandwiches are all good low-key snacks.

Customized Gift Sets the Mood

A personalized present like the components for your favourite craft cocktail might be delivered in the mail with the wedding invitation or subsequent thank-you note, along with the wedding invite. This gift will establish a laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere at your celebration before it begins. It will also remind guests how unique your wedding was and urge them to continue to keep things low-key at home after it’s over.

So, there you have it. That’s how to do things in a low-key manner.