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Tips for Planning a Wedding Catering Budget

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Wedding Catering Budget

Weddings are expensive, and most couples understand that before they start planning. There’s no point in serving tasteless food or leaving guests hungry, but bankruptcy isn’t a smart option. The good news is that you may save money on catering without sacrificing quality.

Choose What People Enjoy

You probably know your guests quite well since you’re inviting them to such a unique life event. You could even predict which foods they’ll like and which ones they won’t.

You and your soon-to-be spouse might enjoy a nice dinner. But if your family prefers a more conventional spread, Michael suggests basing your catering options on their tastes. By knowing what they enjoy, he adds, “you can reduce the amount of food ordered and not eaten, which the customer is ultimately paying for.”

Reduce Food Limits if Necessary

Some limitations are appropriate, such as for food intolerances or allergies. However, some restrictions may end up costing couples a lot more money. One of them is the time since tight deadlines necessitate more workers to operate effectively. People don’t realize how the constraints of time might affect the bottom line, says Michael. However, having extra stuff adds up quickly.

Choose Local Products

If you want to be environmentally conscious and pay homage to your area, choosing local ingredients may save you money. If seafood or high-end meat is required, buying from the coast rather than a vendor who may charge the caterer more than the market rate because it isn’t local to the area might be less expensive.

Book Your Wedding Catering in Advance

Regardless of how lengthy your engagement is, he recommends arranging for catering early, especially if you’re getting married during the peak summer season or on a holiday weekend. The most sought-after chefs and businesses can sell out months, if not years, ahead of time. If you want to order a cake from a bakery, make sure to do so at least a month in advance to avoid paying a rush fee.

Make Concessions on Other Wedding Decisions

It’s also possible that you and your partner set a budget while discussing what matters most to you for the ceremony in the early phases of planning. Is it flowers and décor? A lavish present for your guests or a wedding party? A lovely seaside location, perhaps? Or is it food?

If it’s food, Cooke advises making it a bigger portion of your budget and sacrificing other areas. If eating isn’t a major priority for you, concentrate on the things that are most important to you. “If you’re a floral fanatic, be realistic about your budget and realize that you may not be able to afford everything in every cuisine’s bells and whistles, so you can devote more money to incredible centrepieces.” She adds, “This will help you stay reasonable when it comes to catering expenditures.”